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430.56 sq ft(40 sq m)
Guide price €121,000

Lustica Bay ApartmentLustica Bay, Tivat, Montenegro

    Key features

    • Intelligent design
    • Environmental care characteristic
    • New focal point for community life
    • Stunning location
    • Unique coastal home

    Centrale is set to become Lustica Bay's town centre.

    About this property

    • Nestled among the Lustica peninsula's stunning scenery, in a pivotal location, Centrale is set to become Lustica Bay's town centre. Built with the attention-to-detail, intelligent design and environmental care characteristic of Lustica Bay, it will bring something entirely new to the town. A commercial and administrative hub, cultural centre, verdant haven and gathering space - the new focal point for community life at Lustica Bay and the new urban core of the surrounding area. A cosmopolitan microcosm that will be a new Montenegrin destination in its own right.

      Centrale is set to be the vibrant hub of the Lustica Bay community and an extraordinary home for our residents. Its stunning location and forward-thinking vision unite in our unique take on what a town centre should be. Centrale's modern design will combine active, outdoor living with a seductive measure of old-world Montenegrin charm. Its commercial and residential zones, nestled organically among the existing mature pine trees, will echo the traditional villages of the area and foster a sense of small-scale exclusivity. Its centre will enclose a blend of apartments, shops, restaurants, bars, public services and cultural centres, set among courtyards, parks and green spaces. The wealth of offerings will position Centrale as the beating heart of our community, connecting and enriching all aspects of life at Lustica Bay and the region as a whole. The perfect spot for those seeking energy and excitement, a thriving year-round community and a unique coastal home under the warm Montenegrin sun.


      Centrale will bring together all the needs of a town centre with the world-class facilities of Lustica Bay. It will be host to a range of shops, boutiques, restaurants, bars, galleries, entertainment and public facilities. Underpinning community life, these amenities and services will attract residents and visitors from both Lustica Bay and surrounding towns. The first development phase will see the construction of a school for up to 180 students, community space, supermarket, health care centre and local emergency services station, covering both police and fire services. The latter stages of development, although yet to be finalised, anticipate a hospital or health care facility and higher education institution. At the south-eastern corner of the site, connected to the main road into the town, will be an ancillary services and facilities zone. This will contain a sports club, gas station, main water reservoir, commercial storage facility and waste water treatment plant.


      Centrale will encompass a range of public spaces which will become the foundation of community life. Making the most of outdoor living and reserved for pedestrians only, they will act as informal meeting points and event spaces across the town. In the very heart of Centrale will be the stunning Esplanade - a gathering point and focus for everyday life in Lustica Bay. Spanning 34 metres, it will be framed by an arcade with small shops, bars and restaurants to the north, a community centre and a supermarket on either side, and at the southern end, a gallery space set in an historic refurbished building. Across the village boulevard, the Southern Centrale area will be host to a Festival Piazza. Set to be a multi-purpose town square it will be perfect for outdoor gatherings and events, particularly during the warm summer months. West of the Festival Piazza will be a Y-shaped shopping street. One leg is envisaged as a designer outlet village and will also connect to a newly built architectural staircase leading down to the Marina Village. The second leg will join the main boulevard and link to a triangular garden square. The historic remains of the on-site Austro-Hungarian coastal fortification will become a public space and viewing platform. Its gateway will make a stunning pedestrian access route while its subterranean spaces will be used for souvenir shops and bars.


      The layout of Centrale has been meticulously planned to allow easy connections to the rest of the Lustica Bay including its golf course, marinas and beaches, as well as surrounding towns in the area. Construction will include the creation of a new road and the extension of current scenic driving routes and hiking trails. These will offer quick passage both to the spectacular coastal beaches and the wilds of the peninsula's interior, as well as a host of renowned tourist destinations from the old-world charm of Kotor to the buzzing centre of Budva. Within Centrale it is easy for residents and visitors to get around. The site's layout encourages vehicle-free transport, carved with interlinked sidewalks, trail systems and bicycle paths, complete