Savills | Classic Country Villa, Castellaneta, Brindisi, 74011 | Property for sale
180 sq m(1,937.50 sq ft)
Asking price €210,000

Classic Country VillaCastellaneta, Brindisi, 74011

    Key features

    • Spacious 10 room villa
    • Countryside
    • Roof terrace
    • Olive grove
    • Vaulted ceilings

    Classic 10 room country villa with high ceilings and potential for large family villa or B&B.

    About this property

    • This villa has beautiful high vaulted ceilings and large rooms. It is situated on a beautiful plot of land with great views over the surrounding country side and has a large roof terrace.

      Part of the hose is over 200 years old, all made by using local stone, called tufo. The house was extended and modernized in 1960, using tufo and concrete.
      The accommodation comprises of 8 rooms and is currently laid out as two very spacious double bedrooms each of 30 sq.m with beautiful old vaulted ceilings, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen. The living room has doors straight out to the covered veranda as well as the kitchen having its own entrance from the terrace for kitchen deliveries.
      The other half of the ground floor of the villa to the east has three rooms; the original kitchen with the pizza/bread oven; the inner room (used to collect the grapes for pressing and connected to the underground large storage with several large vine-containers); and the garage; which can be converted to a self-contained apartment with 1-2 bedrooms, bathroom and open plan kitchen.

      The owner's story:

      Why Puglia?
      Well, to a certain degree it was why not? My wife and I had both spent time in Italy (she being Italian and me being a New Zealander who likes to wander) and we both liked it. The allure of the south with its Mediterranean heat, famous hospitality and access to three different seas (Adriatic, Ionian and Tyrrenhian) sealed the deal. We looked at a number of houses, but once we had seen this one, nothing could compete. It was huge, quirky and unique. When we arrived to view it, the house had not been properly lived in for decades and so had a tangible air of neglect to it. However, once through the gates the grounds themselves stood out straight away. Stone walls, pine trees, an outbuilding, olive grove and what (we soon discovered) is the largest grotto in anybody's backyard in the area; complete with its own garage door.
      Inside, things got even more interesting. As soon as we walked through the front door, the high vaulted ceiling just blew us away. Nearly every room on the ground floor has a vaulted ceiling in excess of four metres high, giving that space that we had craved while living in London; the bedrooms the biggest we had ever been in. Two garages, two bathrooms, seriously massive basement, outside shelter for whatever we wanted...It was sold to us instantly.
      After moving in we had all the major work done. The bathrooms had been...shall we say...somewhat unloved. I knew there was a small problem when, in the middle of the night, water shot out of the high cistern and landed on my head after flushing the toilet. So, they were both completely ripped out and two brand spanking new bathrooms built by local guys who have since become good friends. While we were at it, we had the place completely rewired, new double glazed windows, fly-screens and a couple of pellet heaters put in. Now we were ship shape

      It was with a little trepidation that we planned to first venture to the neighbour's house. You never know...will they be nice, or will we regret meeting them? However, they beat us to it, arriving to say hello and carrying a bag of fresh eggs and freshly baked focaccia. Luckily, you couldn't meet nicer people...which is a thread we have pretty much discovered all over the area. The neighbours own and operate an organic dairy farm, and we get our freshly made cheese (three types), free-range eggs and occasional focaccia refills from them. We also used to get fresh milk, but it was so creamy my waste-line began to strenuously object. Vito (so many 'Vito's here) also ploughs our olive grove for us every few months. Oh yes! The olive grove. We have over forty trees and finally started harvesting our own olives last year. We managed about one third of the trees, took them to a place in Castellaneta where they will press them for you, and for less than fifty Euros (and after a string of coffees and a beer or two at the bar next door) ended up with 42 litres of virgin olive oil so good you virtually want to drink it!
      Castellaneta lies to the south, about fifteen minutes by car. Birthplace of Rudolf Valentino (my grandmother would have loved that, as she had quite a thing for the 'The Sheik') it's a town with good bars, restaurants and everything you need that you may not find in Gioia del C.

    Local information

    • The neighbor family has an active attle farm, also with other animals. At the hillside are two masserias at 500 m distance (one partly vacant the other fully vacant) and 500 m up the road an English couple bought a large property to start a B & B business. The rest is just the nature of the murge. It is 30 minutes to the Ionian Sea, 40 minutes to Matera and 40 minutes to Alberobello, both UNESCO world heritage sites.
    • The villa is located 11 km south of the historical town of GIOIA DEL COLLE, with approximately 28 000 inhabitants. The town is built around a castle and offers rich architecture, good shopping and many good restaurants. The town is famous its burrata cheese and mozzarella, also for "zampine", which is a rolled sausage. Gioia di Colle has also a DOC classification for its fine Primitivo (Zinfandel) red wine.
    • The property is located in the municipality of Castellaneta, which is 17 km away. This town is also worth while to visit and has many fine Architectural interesting history
    • The property is only 45 minutes to Bari Airport thanks to the modern motorway E843. It is a toll road but the fastest way and in excellent condition. The toll fee to the airport is approximately 2. eruo 50 cent.
    • The villa has the advantage of being not far from main areas of world interest such as the world famous trullo houses of ALBEROBELLO - an UNESCO World heritage site (40 minutes); MATERA, also an UNESCO World heritage site (40 minutes) with international fame for its ancient town and dwellings carved into the rock thought to be the first ever built settlement in Italy;

    Additional information

    • Gioia del Colle; a town to the north about ten minutes by car. Gioia (birthplace of Sylvester Stallone's grandfather - more my style) is bigger and has just about everything, the old portion nice to wander around at night while you let your superb (and cheap!) pizza go down. So, we lie between the two, and about 30 minutes' drive to the coast at Castellaneta Marina, part of the sweeping sandy beach that marks the arch of Italy's boot. For more ambitious adventure - and the international airport - the busy city of Bari is 45 minutes' drive away. Plus, on another movie inspired theme, the ancient town of Matera is 40 minutes away by car; scenes of which feature in numerous films, the most latest being the new James Bond.
    • This is a unique house. There is an office on the mezzanine floor perfect for us as we both work from home (my wife is a copy-editor, I'm a writer, diving instructor and musician). A few stairs above that is the roof terrace that covers the entire house and is baking hot during the middle of that day, but perfect in the cooler evening. We planned to build an awning, but haven't done it yet. Nor have we finished painting the inside of the house, as the rooms are so big they need something special. And there was never any hurry anyway. So only a few rooms are painted. We have adopted a blind cat, so have covered the verandah in trellis and mosquito netting so that he could be 'outside' and stay safe. This has actually worked for us too, as all through the summer we could sit outside and eat, watching the sun go down without a single mosquito bite.
    • There is the old kitchen and another room that we haven't even touched; first because we never needed to and secondly because...well...there was no rush. We planned to restore the old kitchen to full time use, but in the meantime, we just use it as a store room. Then there is the adjoining room with its fireplace. At the moment it has my drum kits in it...which I can play at any time of day and night and annoy only my wife There is also a huge wine press in that room, because beneath the ground floor, within the basement, lies an entire level of wine production and storage tanks. You see, they used to make wine on a industrial scale here and we always figured that one day we would cut a few doors in the cisterns, seal the stone walls and there would be a whole new level to the house! But, there was no rush. It'll happen when it happens. In the meantime we just like to go down there and wander about. Visitors are constantly amazed. It's nice.
    • Work we had done:
    • Complete rewiring of the habitable house with new plugs, switches, light fittings etc.
    • Two completely new bathrooms.
    • Fly screens throughout.
    • New ceiling at top of the stairs.
    • New office ceiling with extra insulation.
    • New septic tank and all relevant pipes.
    • Double glazing throughout, including three new doors.
    • Two pellet heaters installed.
    • One wood burner put in.
    • Now back to the property description:
    • To the north of the building is a large covered storage area and a separate room, to be used for storage, studio or office use.
    • On the mezzanine floor is a 3rd bedroom currently used as a study and upstairs the large roof terrace.
    • The floor layout could be changed into 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms plus the self- contained apartment possibility. It is also possible to convert adjacent non-residential rooms if more residential area is needed and extend the property for a total space of 270 sq m. Floor plans have been prepared for this possible project. In addition, the villa has a large free standing basement with the old vine containers for wine production.The separate basement has wine cisterns over 100 cubic metres as the owners' grandfather and his father before him of the owning family was making wines.The family owned all the surrounding land and properties in this area, including the two masserias seen from the property.
    • There is also an unique underground cave/dungeon which could be used as a grand dining hall, a spa or gym, wine cellar or for extra storage space.
    • To the south of the garden is a well maintained building with original vaulted ceiling: This could be converted to a one bedroom ensuite unit.
    • The villa is in a private and secluded location in an active farming community producing gains, vegetables and cattle farms and the area has breath- taking views over the famous murge, a high plateau on 350-400 m altitude.
    • The nearest town is the historical Gioia del Colle (11 km) with many fine restaurants, shops and supermarkets, which is a 10 minutes' easy drive on good road with little traffic.
    • To the beaches of the Ionian Sea- with the best sun set in the sea - it takes 30-35 minutes on good roads with little traffic.
    • The garden of 7.350 sq m which surrounds the villa is mature
    • Directions: GETTING THERE: By air there are two international airports, served by Ryanair, Easyjet , BA and others, both easily reached; Bari in the north by car (63 km) on the toll motorway in approximately 45 minutes and Brindisi in the south, approximately 75 minutes.