Urban plof of land in Campo de Ourique, Lisbon, Campo de Ourique, Lisboa | Property for sale | Savills
1,099 sq m
Fixed price €950,000

Urban plof of land in Campo de Ourique, LisbonCampo de Ourique, Lisboa

    Key features

    • Gross Area: 1099.76

    About this property

    • Urban plof of land in Campo de Ourique with architectural and speciality projects approved and licences to be paid for the construction of a four-storey building with seven flats and a lift. Of these seven flats, there will be: one 1-bedroom flat, five 2-bedroom flats and one 3-bedroom flat.

      The building has a total Gross Construction Area of 1,099 sq meters and a Gross Construction Area above ground of 795 sq meters .

      All the apartments have a parking space and storage room, as well as a patio, balcony, terrace or garden, depending on the apartment.

      Floor -1 will be exclusively for the garage and storage rooms of each apartment block.

      The ground floor comprises 3 units: a 2-bedroom flat with 86 sq meters , a patio with 13 sq meters and a garden with 83 sq meters, totalling 188 sq meters . A second 2-bedroom flat with 89 sq meters , a 32 sq meters patio and a 36 sq meters garden, totalling 164 sq meters. Finally, this floor has a one-bedroom flat with 59 sq meters.

      Floor 1 of the building also has 3 units: a 2-bedroom flat with 86 sq meters and a balcony with 11 sq meters totalling 104 sq meters. A second 2-bedroom flat with 89 sq meters and a 13 sq meters balcony totalling 106 sq meters. Finally, this floor has a third 2-bedroom flat totalling 90 sq meters.

      Level 2 - the roof of the building - will have a single unit: a 3-bedroom penthouse with 165 sq meters, a 20 sq meters balcony and a 105 sq meters terrace, totalling 296 sq meters!

      With all the spaces strategically orientated to provide the greatest possible privacy, it's the perfect choice for a life full of tranquillity in the city.

      Campo de Ourique is a jewel of charm and tradition. Known for its welcoming atmosphere and tranquil lifestyle, this neighbourhood combines historic elegance with a contemporary vibe, creating a unique and captivating space for residents and visitors alike. The streets of Campo de Ourique are adorned with buildings of classic architecture, many of them decorated with the famous Portuguese tiles, whose patterns and colours add a touch of art to the façades. Small shops, boutiques, bakeries and family-run cafés are everywhere, offering an authentic and personal experience. It's common to see neighbours greeting each other cheerfully, which reinforces the sense of community that permeates the neighbourhood.

      Campo de Ourique is a neighbourhood that offers a perfect balance between tradition and modernity, tranquillity and vitality, creating a welcoming and dynamic atmosphere that enchants all who get to know it.

    Additional information

    • Reference: 15186
    • Energy Rating: Exempt