Savills | EDIFÍCIO SAGRES (Prior Velho), Rua Professor Henrique Barros 4, LOURES | Properties for sale
9,025 sq m
Price on application

EDIFÍCIO SAGRES (Prior Velho)Rua Professor Henrique Barros 4, LOURES

    About this property

    • Ofiices building located in the Prior Velho Industrial Zone (Zone known as Quinta do Marchante or Quinta da Francelha), next to the exit of Lisbon by the A1 and the short distance of the Bridge Vasco da Gama, A8 and Lisbon Airport.
      - Open-space offices / removable partitions
      - Technical Floor
      - 24 hour security
      - Elevators
      - Common WC

    Local information

    • Excellent accessibility given the proximity of the 2nd Circular, A1, A8, Ponte Vasco da Gama and Lisbon Airport.

    Energy performance

    Energy eff. class: In progress

    Available space

    FloorModuleUseSpacePriceEnergy eff. class
    Piso 6 CFração ATOffices134,009,20€In progress
    Piso 6 BFração ASOffices187,009,72€In progress
    Piso 2Fracção AXOffices312,000,00€In progress
    R/CFração HOffices142,009,70€In progress
    R/CFração NOffices85,0010,83€In progress
    R/CFração MOffices135,009,78€In progress
    R/CFração FOffices105,006,50€-
    R/C DFração POffices164,000,00€-
    R/C EFração QOffices121,000,00€-
    R/C FFração ROffices123,000,00€-
    R/C HFração TOffices167,000,00€-
    R/C IFração UOffices112,000,00€-
    R/C JFração VOffices112,000,00€-
    R/C LFração WOffices107,000,00€-
    R/C MFração XOffices159,000,00€-
    R/C NFração YOffices100,000,00€-
    R/C OFração ZOffices35,000,00€-
    Piso 6 CFração ATOffices158,000,00€-
    Piso 9 BFração BBOffices225,000,00€-
    R/CFração DOffices139,009,73€In progress
    R/CFração EOffices103,009,56€In progress
    R/CFração IOffices95,009,69€In progress
    R/CFração JOffices95,009,69€In progress
    R/CFração LOffices91,009,76€In progress
    R/CFração OOffices30,0010,67€In progress