Savills | Lojas em Campolide - Sete Rios | LEA 2037, CAMPOLIDE, LISBOA | Property to rent
80 to 1,317 sq m(Available)
€491 -​ €4,019

Lojas em Campolide - Sete Rios | LEA 2037CAMPOLIDE, LISBOA

    About this property

    • Located in one of the prime areas of the city of Lisbon, very well supplied by public transport (buses, subways and trains), with easy parking and large pedestrian traffic.
      Shops in a commercial area, near the station of Seven Rivers and one of the main avenues of the city.
      Commercial space with several available areas:
        - With average areas between 80 m² and 287 sqm;
      Ideal space for:

      "Supermarkets / Grocery Stores;
      " Laundry;
      "Tobacco Shops / Stationery;

    Available space

    FloorModuleUseSpacePriceEnergy eff. class
    Planta 1.06Retail Space35,050,00€-
    Planta 1.07Retail Space47,9714,00€-
    Planta 1.14Retail Space54,8714,00€-
    Planta 1.15Retail Space88,8614,00€-
    Planta 1.04 e 1.05Retail Space287,0714,00€-
    Planta 1.08Retail Space47,9514,00€-
    Planta 1.09Retail Space36,0514,00€-
    Planta 1.10Retail Space205,5614,00€-
    Planta 1.11Retail Space168,7714,00€-
    Planta 1.13Retail Space106,6114,00€-
    Planta 1.17Retail Space239,1014,00€-