Savills | Edifício Campo Alegre, Rua Campo Alegre 1340 - 1386, PORTO | Property for sale
41 sq m

Edifício Campo AlegreRua Campo Alegre 1340 - 1386, PORTO

    About this property

    • Located on Campo Alegre Street, this office building consists of 3 floors with a total of 1,928 m². With a modern architecture and plenty of natural light, it is embedded in a mixed complex of offices and housing. In one of the most exclusive areas of Porto, near the Botanic Garden and Casa das Artes, it is served by bus lines connecting Porto's Downtown and the seafront of Foz do Douro.
      Building with an abundance of natural light;
      High visibility outdoors;
      Ample outdoor spaces;
      Remodeling required.

    Local information

    • Campo Alegre Street is one of the main arteries of the city of Porto. 5m from Boavista Avenue and motorway, 15m from Francos metro station and very close to the University of Porto.

    Energy performance

    Energy eff. class: In progress

    Available space

    FloorModuleUseSpacePriceEnergy eff. class
    1ACOffices990,001.336.346,69€In progress
    0NOffices127,00192.683,49€In progress
    0OOffices50,0087.023,61€In progress
    0POffices58,0092.651,19€In progress
    0QOffices41,0073.403,23€In progress
    0ROffices41,0073.403,23€In progress
    0SOffices70,00131.881,15€In progress
    TérreoDOffices47,0074.137,27€In progress
    TérreoEOffices47,0076.584,04€In progress
    Estacionamento SimplesJFParking0,0012.070,75€-
    Estacionamento SimplesJGParking0,0012.254,26€-
    Estacionamento DuploJNOffices0,0020.226,67€-
    Estacionamento DuploJOParking0,0020.634,46€-
    Estacionamento SimplesFIParking0,0012.254,26€-
    Estacionamento SimplesFJParking0,0012.254,26€-
    Estacionamento DuploFKParking0,0020.634,46€-
    Estacionamento DuploFLParking0,0021.123,82€-
    Estacionamento DuploFMParking0,0021.205,38€-
    Estacionamento DuploFNParking0,0021.123,82€-
    Estacionamento DuploFOParking0,0017.861,45€-
    Estacionamento SimplesFPParking0,0012.254,26€-
    Estacionamento SimplesFQParking0,0012.254,26€-
    Estacionamento SimplesFRParking0,0013.253,36€-
    Estacionamento SimplesFSParking0,0012.743,62€-
    Estacionamento SimplesFTParking0,0012.743,62€-
    Estacionamento SimplesGNParking0,0015.577,80€-
    Estacionamento SimplesGOParking0,0015.577,80€-
    Estacionamento SimplesGPParking0,0013.865,06€-
    Estacionamento SimplesGQParking0,0011.744,52€-
    Estacionamento SimplesGRParking0,0011.548,78€-
    Estacionamento SimplesGSParking0,0012.254,26€-
    Estacionamento SimplesGTParking0,0011.744,52€-